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About Fluconsys

WE, FLUCONSYS, named comes from first 3 digit of initial letter for Fluid Control Systems, which means we are expertise in this field of business for Flow control, Level control, Pressure control, and Temperature control by using engineering of automatic valves and field instruments in the process line at any factory.

For more efficient and accurate controlling technology to meet customer’s requirement for various industrial factory, we have to consider and choose most suitable components by our accumulated experienced know-how before application as our first priority step.

WE offer not only valves and instrument simply, but also innovated high technological engineering service for solving difficult application like Semi-conduct, Pharmaceutical, F&B, Chemical & Petro Chemical, Dyeing system, Water Treatment, and etc.

Especially, we are exclusive sales representative for GSR, German company who is specialized in manufacturing High Pressure Valve up to 1200 bar for H2 dispenser in the filling Station, and High temperature valve up to + 400℃ and Cryogenic valve up to -196℃.

WE also have several high technological manufacturers from all over the world, ESG is one of them who is well renowned manufacturer to the European Union and USA for Angle Seat Valve, Shuttle Valve, Ball Valve, Butterfly, and etc. WE are exclusive sales representative In Korea market for them as well

In addition, we also became distributor for KCC precision in order to expand our business segment more, who is specialized in Pneumatic units like air cylinder, air and gas solenoid valve and so many kinds of air units for Automobile industry, Factory automation, Robots systems.

From our experience for over 25 years in doing business relating to various kind of valves and instruments in the field market, I’m surely confident and reliable on offering valves and instruments with excellent in quality and competitive in price. In case of solving for difficult process control in terms of continuous operation for specific application., WE are ready to offer best solution recipe to meet customer’s requirement with our high qualified technical engineers.

Anyway, WE are willing to stay with customers as always for mutual benefit and successful business

Thank you so much for your kind attention. and my best regards

Simon Lee

Simon Lee/ CEO & president